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Last nights Ibiza Storm

October 31st, 2007

Apparently October this year was the third highest recorded rainfall since 1961. Last nights storm was again quite spectacular (at least on the north east of the island).


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30/10/07 – Tonights Ibiza Sunset & some news to come

October 30th, 2007

We thought we’d do 2 pics tonight – just cos we can…..

Hopefully we’ll be able to give out some interesting news tomorrow (or maybe later this week) about an island institutions plans for 2008…

Earlier in the year we wanted to announce that the Kaiser Chiefs were playing Ibiza Rocks but we were on an embargo so we made an oblique reference on our Manumission dress rehearsal blog here: “a precious stone thrice over”: which was of course the chorus to the Kaiser Chiefs “Ruby” who were then annouced the next day – so on that basis here’s an oblique reference: crossroads, nelson mandela, nirvana/heaven/amsterdam, having a kip, chickens…

tonights sunset pics:


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Ibiza Rocks the Sunday Times

October 29th, 2007

Great article online and in print in this weekends edition of The Sunday Times Business edition.. “How I Made It: Andy KcKay, founder of Manumission” – link


Click for larger version:
ibiza rocks, sunday times

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Tonights Ibiza Sunset

October 26th, 2007

Ok so we lie – it was last nights but we forgot to put it up and we forgot to take pictures of tonights sunset – but tonights was very similar to last nights… so its almost the same… (if the clouds go then we’ll put up tonights full moon when it comes into view later)


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“Hippie Hippie Shake” Ibiza casting… not…

October 26th, 2007

So we turned up at Las Dalias to be told it was 2 weeks ago…. an email to the contact this afternoon revealed:

“We are very sorry indeed that we had to postpone our filming dates to early next year.

We had also had a casting session there 2 weeks ago. This time we had to cancel until we knew when our new dates were.”

There were loads of people milling around Las Dalias today but we’re not sure that loads of hippies wandering in and out of the Royal Plaza Hotel in Ibiza town tomorrow will be quite so welcome…

Another typical Ibiza day really…

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Ibiza grows a mountain

October 25th, 2007

Thanks to Nick for pointing this out on his blog. See if you can spot the difference!!

This is the port as we saw it the other day:


This is the port as seen in the latest elizabeth arden advert that catherine zeta-jones is appearing in:


UPDATE 25/10: Popbitch kindly linked to this blog in todays (25/10/07) weekly mail out and our stats went through the roof – we’ve been a regular reader from the days when we used to work in london many moons ago – so we feel it incumbant that we do some more stuff like this…

btw, if you want to make sarcy comments feel free (in fact we like sarcasm) – but we reserve the right to edit pathetic 10 year old kiddie playground comments…. and make you look stupid… and while we dont want to start having to approve comments we may – or we may just put the ip addresses out under the posters comment :)

For doubters of the legitamacy of the elizabeth arden advert why not look at their website: (do a if you think its fake)

the website for the perfume and THAT ad we just think its funny – and worrying that a couple who have a place in mallorca and a guy who doesnt like ibiza would be happy to put their face to something that all their neighbours would mock….

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“Hippie Hippie Shake” filming in Ibiza

October 25th, 2007
Sienna Miller filming in Hippie Hippie Shake

Today, Tomorrow (Las Dalias) and Saturday (Royal Plaza, Ibiza Town) they are having open casting sessions for extras in the upcoming Sienna Miller film. (The one where she plays a hippie chick and runs around in the buff). Filming starts 12th Nov here until the 19th.

This from imdb:
“An account of counterculturalist Richard Neville’s misadventures in London at the end of the 1960s. ”

From wikipedia:
“Hippie Hippie Shake is an upcoming British film directed by Beeban Kidron and written by Lee Hall and William Nicholson. The film is based on a memoir by Richard Neville, editor of the Australian satirical magazine Oz, and chronicles his relationship with girlfriend Louise Ferrier, the launch of the London edition of Oz amidst the 1960s counterculture, and the staff’s trial for distributing a sexually explicit issue. Hippie Hippie Shake stars Cillian Murphy as Richard Neville, with Sienna Miller as Louise.
British film production company Working Title Films began development of Hippie Hippie Shake in 1998, but the film was repeatedly delayed, changing directors and screenwriters. In September 2007, the film finally began principal photography. Hippie Hippie Shake will be distributed by Universal Pictures in 2008.”

A few of us are going to wander down to Las Dalias down the road tomorrow to see whats happening – you never know – we might be in a film… arf…

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The recent storm on Ibiza

October 18th, 2007

Photos from the diario de ibiza by vicente mari

the little “beach” round from port de san miguel beach

road to the airport:

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15th Oct Ibiza sunset & an end of season closing & winter opening party

October 15th, 2007

Apart from fridays non-existent sunset (a little matter of torrential rain and storms) the sunsets are coming thick and fast. We sit in the same place all year and around sunset time the room either lights up with colours or doesnt… In the summer it tends to be boring but in the winter you get the colours coming out, or so it seems…


Yesterday was the institution known as “Mango’s closing party”. Arguably Santa Eulalia’s unofficial closing party. After that it was down to Guarana’s in the port for their weekly sunday live music do.

The other week it was their 11th anniversary and effectively their summer closing party, so this week it was their winter opening party…. any excuse… we love it…

As ever, click on any of the images for larger versions:
mangoes closing, guarana winter opening mangoes closing, guarana winter opening
Mango’s owner Pedro & his able assistant My Generation
mangoes closing, guarana winter opening mangoes closing, guarana winter opening
mangoes closing, guarana winter opening Miko and his band at Guarana mangoes closing, guarana winter opening
mangoes closing, guarana winter opening mangoes closing, guarana winter opening

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Tonights Ibiza Sunset

October 13th, 2007

After the really bad weather of friday, today was lovely – and a triple whammy for the england teams – the U21’s & the first team win and the england rugby team cap it off…

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