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We came across this blog posted this evening and just had to share it – we won’t link to it unless they want us to because, quite frankly if it had been us we would’ve kept it to ourselves…. you’ll see why….

“…… i was in charge of the hotel booking and my friend was in charge of the flight bookings…..we board the plane and fly out to where we think is Ibiza…..arrive 11am all gone smooth so far yeah.

we get our bags and go to the airport carpark to find the car hire place (we had a mate getting a car and we were putting down some money) well after 2hrs of trying to find this car hire place somebody pointed out that the paper we had said Ibiza town and we were not there…..
so my friend thinks that our other friend has got it wrong so then we decide to get a taxi to the hotel and sort it out lata.
we then get in a taxi (man spoke no english) showed him the name of the hotel…… but he cant find it on the sat nav and then starts talking bout benidorm….. with this i said screw this lets get bak in the airport and work out what’s gone on……..
back in the airport i see the departures board and there is a flight leaving for ibiza in an hour………. so if there was a flight leaving for ibiza in an hour where the hell were we…………….Alicante!!!!!!!
yes my mate clicked on the wrong thing on the jet2 site and thought alicante must av been the name of the airport!!!!
and then we had to figure out where alicante was so we signed up for some timeshare thingys so they gave just these maps (to embarrassed to ask anybody where we actually were)
so we then got a flight to ibiza finally getting to the hotel by t time

worse thing is this all happened on the way there and sober!!!!!!!”

so here’s a lesson – make sure you know where you are going and check your flight tickets…..

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