Nightmares On Wax secret gig in Ibiza tonight

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Nightmares On Wax - One off gig at Es VedraIt was a little surreal from outset.

Our instructions were to head for Es Vedra, hook up with a ‘Smirnoff ambassador’ at Cala d’Hort beach and be transported to a secret venue where we would “experience a sunset as you’ve never seen it or heard it before, with a legendary live guest set.”

Sounds like a bit of a tall order, but it’d be a shame if they pulled it off and we weren’t there…

So we found our ambassador and followed the people carrier off into the surrounding countryside, got lost twice, then arrived at the secret spot.

We’re on top of a cliff overlooking Es Vedra, which is decorated by a circle of white sofas. Around the Sabina bush that forms the centre of the circle are numerous bars, each serving different cocktails with names like ‘Ginger and Raspberry Mule’ and ‘G-Fresh with Cranberry Juice’.

At the cliff end of the circle are some decks and a computer alongside healthy speakers. Behind these are “Nightmares on Wax” performing with Es Vedra as a backdrop, to complement the sunset.

As the cocktails go to work we wonder if we’ve been snatched away to paradise. A UFO overflies Es Vedra, but nobody else notices.

Was it a dream … Wish you could have been there too

(Put a note in your diary to come to Ibiza next summer, and befriend a Smirnoff Ambassador – you know it makes sense)

A full review will follow of the brilliant night

Nightmares On Wax - One off gig at Es Vedra
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Nightmares On Wax - One off gig at Es Vedra
Nightmares On Wax - One off gig at Es Vedra

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