Ibiza Rocks – The Streets – What Next ?

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Tonight was the eagerly awaited Streets gig at Bar M, which ended in disappointment for hundreds as the local authorities pulled the plug an hour before the first expectant punters arrived.

Kasabian at Ibiza Rocks in July

A hastily written sign and a stage devoid of equipment confirmed the situation, which was followed by an endless number of gutted ticket-clutchers reluctantly accepting their money back. The worst of it was that many of these had planned their holiday dates to coincide with the gig.

It would appear that the local authorities have, once again, overlooked the effect that their actions will have in terms of global publicity for the island. The closure of Amnesia, DC 10 and Bora Bora shocked the press worldwide at the start of the season.

These closures, although repealed by a higher court, were followed by the chaining up of the Kanya bar in San Antonio and the El Ayoun restaurant in San Rafael.

In the meantime half a dozen of the most famous beach bars on the island are fighting to save their existence as, despite having been there for some thirty years, new planning restrictions don’t permit the size that their popularity has driven them to.

Last week we had the debacle of the doors being locked on Manumission by the world’s largest nightclub – Privilege – provoking their switch to nearby Amnesia. (Anybody out there want to buy the world’s biggest nightclub?)

The result will be that the global press will probably be now allocating more press to these negative ‘goings on’ than the positives that Ibiza Rocks has brought to the island over the past couple of years. In complete contrast to the past couple of weeks where every other day the mainstream broadsheets have been positive about the island – albeit maybe because a number of “faces” with lots of money have turned up…. (and who happened to go to DC10 ?)

So it happens with Bar M’s latest initiative – not for the first time this year (remember the Kelis gig), The Streets gig being cancelled so late as to cause maximum disruption to those travellers fortunate enough to get these highly prized tickets, the future looks bleak…

Will Ibiza Rocks take the same route as Manumission and switch to a venue governed by a more sympathetic (visionary?) administration?

There are a number of alternative venues elsewhere on the island who would welcome the Ibiza Rocks phenomenon with open arms. For example ‘Las Dalias’ in San Carlos, which already stages events catering for more people than Bar M can hold, almost every night of the week. It has an auditorium, huge car parking facilities, an extensive outside garden dotted with bars for before and after the gig and is, coincidentally, celebrating its 53rd birthday as the original home of live music on the island this Thursday.

It’s the sort of venue that would have no problem running gigs night after night, if demand for tickets to see any one band were high enough – and even staging the occasional outdoor gig for really special events like, say, The Arctic Monkeys?
They’re connected.

The groundswell of opinion created by the press around the world is that Ibiza Rocks must go on, and if that means another venue, even in a different part of this, lets face it, a very small island – so be it.
Ibiza will continue to rock, even in adversity.

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