Ivan Campo in Ibiza, Lenny Ibizarre & some art

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Lena Tancredi

We happened to be at an absolutely gorgeous place in the north of the island early this evening taking some photos of the similarly gorgeous Lena and one of her paintings – in the same place where she actually based it on and we ran into one our favourite people on the island Lenny (aka Lenny Krarup & probably more known as Lenny Ibizarre) and also with spanish football player Ivan Campo who plays for Bolton – who also has a La Liga champions medal & a Champions League medal with Real Madrid & a European Super Cup medal (& 4 caps for Spain and part of the 98 spanish squad).

We’re not going to divulge were we saw them this evening but its an absolutely lovely place in the north of the island. If you want somewhere really nice to stay we definitely recommend it.

We met some other interesting people there as well – look out for maybe some sport on the island next year…. something that you wouldnt normally associate with ibiza – their idea fits in entirely with the ibiza ethos.

Hint: Lena has an exhibition there throughout July – her paintings are amazing – if you get the chance go and have a look. I’m sure we’ll actually divulge the place shortly – but due deference to Mister Campo we won’t just now.

Lena Tancredihpim1656.jpg

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One Response to “Ivan Campo in Ibiza, Lenny Ibizarre & some art”

  1. Liza Tancredi Says:

    Oi querida, que lindo seus quadros e vc também. aqui no Brasil apesar de estarmos no inverno faz o maior calor. me manda mais fotos das suas novas pinturas. beijo