New British Ambassador to Spain visits Ibiza

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Denise Holt, British Ambassador to Spain
Denise Holt, the new British Ambassador to Spain
L to R: British Consul Helen Watson MBE, Denise Holt, the new British Ambassador to Spain, Susana Lopez, Assistant Director, Communications

The new British Ambassador to Spain, Denise Holt, has just completed a whistlestop 24 hour visit to Ibiza. She’s the first woman ambassdor to Spain and was here on a quick meet & greet, get to know you type thing. This was the first stop on her tour of Spanish Consuls.

Last night there was a cocktail reception party at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Ibiza Town and this morning a very small press conference in the VIP lounge at Ibiza Airport (ie there were only 4 of us!

After the q&a she immediately flew to Palma. A more detailed report will follow.



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