Kasabian at Ibiza Rocks is

May 13th, 2007 - 12:04 am Posted in ibiza rocks, Kasabian | Comments (3)

Allegedly 16th & 17th of July…

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3 Responses to “Kasabian at Ibiza Rocks is”

  1. Ogdini Says:

    Yes it’s true… went to see ‘em in Dublin last weekend and bought a gig T-shirt, on the back it has their upcoming shows – with Ibiza Bar M on 16th and 17th July!
    Last years gig was amazing I will deffo be there for this one..
    Ibiza Rocks will be making the official announcement this coming week… my flights are booked already!

  2. Tom Says:

    According to http://www.strangeglue.com

    19 June 2007 – The View
    10 July 2007 – CSS
    16 July 2007 – Kasabian
    17 July 2007 – Kasabian
    18 July 2007 – LCD Soundsystem
    31 July 2007 – The Enemy
    07 Aug 2007 – Mika
    01 Sept 2007 – Arctic Monkeys
    03 Sept 2007 – Fratellis
    04 Sept 2007 – Fratellis

  3. admin Says:

    We like that line up – it’d be interesting to see what people make of css – out of all the lineup i’d like to see css

    weve heard them alot on u.s net radio and we like them – css on google