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Another quiet night on Thursday night of debt collecting found us at the bar of that oldest of lubrication establishments in Santa Eulalia – M & M’s bar.

It was a better night for good excuses than debt collecting, but every cloud has a silver lining… And this one arrived in the form of a stranger by the name of Leslie on an adjacent bar stool.
leslie phillipsLeslie is an unusual name for a man, but that wasn’t the detail that made him familiar – instantly recognizable, despite the passage of time, this was Leslie Phillips, star of stage and screen for more decades than most of us have known – and a charming man.

He had come to M & M’s to pay homage to Susie Elliott, wife of his late partner in stage crime, Denholm Elliott. Sadly Susie died last week, but during her memorably, colourful time living in Santa Eulalia she ran M & M’s for a while. This was Leslie’s pilgrimage to quietly honour her passing.
However, he did so in inimitable style by ordering a ‘Horses Neck’, to the complete bewilderment of the bar staff.

It transpired that a ‘Horses Neck’ is a brandy with ginger ale and is a traditional tipple of the upper echelons of the Royal Navy. Ginger ale is not a regular stock item of bars in Santa Eulalia, so Toni (our Italian host) rushed off into town to try and find some.

Dee, the astute South African barmaid, fielded a couple of phone calls encouraging him to keep looking and finally, some twenty minutes later, Leslie had his ‘Horses Neck’ and the necessary fuel to regale us with stories of the island from the 60’s, when the term ‘debauchery’ was originally coined…
A charming man with a fabulous presence – we’ll bore people for years recounting the occasion when Leslie Phillips bought us a drink at M & M’s bar in Santa Eulalia.

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