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Mirage opening

April 29th, 2007

We had KM5’s opening on friday, Sol den Serra on saturday daytime and so then to Mirage on Sat night. We’re big fans of live music so Mirage promised to be a treat – and so it was. Arguably the best live band we’ve seen in a long time played a couple of sets at Mirage’s opening night. Truth be told at the time of writing we’ve forgotten the name of Miko’s band but they are good – Parliament, P Funk, Prince – you’ve got the picture – and they have a brass section to die for..

mirage1.jpg mirage2.jpg
mirage3.jpg mirage4.jpg

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Lena Tancredi’s 1st Exhibition at KM5, Ibiza

April 28th, 2007

The gorgeous Lena is having her first exhibition the weekend of KM5’s opening (tonight) – running until the 20th May – An artist who loves to portray the human body in her own unique way.


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Ostriches in Ibiza

April 25th, 2007

We do love the fact that Ibiza brings up all sorts of surprises when you wander around the island – we give you Ostriches in Ibiza…..

Ostriches in Ibiza

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Susie Elliott

April 23rd, 2007

By Felicity Reid:

Some time in the spring of 1962, Paul Richie ( an Austrailian writer) informed the group at the Kiosko that there was someone new at Sandy’s. “Like a spider” he said, “all arms and legs” What he should have added is big hazel eyes and a mouthful of teeth because she was always smiling – and an ass admired by many expert observers! So I first met Susan Elliott and I have known her ever since. Her death on Good Friday was a tragic end to a life full of tragedies.

Susan wrote a book about her life: Denholm Elliott: Quest for Love, which I am not claiming as a great piece of literature, but it is a surprisingly honest account of her life up to 1992 and worth reading because she was very courageous, probably the bravest woman I have known. And certainly the bravest I have loved – brave women often turn out to be crashing bores: Susan was never boring, every occasion became a party; children and animals adored her!

Because the book is available, I am going to summarize very briefly her connection to Santa Eulalia: she and Denholm built a beautiful house and entertained all sorts of theatre celebrities. When Denholm was not well, Susan thought to supplement the family income by buying and restoring Sandy’s Bar and subsequently M&M’s. When Denholm died, she founded the Denholm Elliott Project and rented Can Bufi. She arranged concerts and other events to make money to help to those with HIV and the people who cared for them. It was a great success, many people were helped. But money was a problem, and without the anchor of Denholm,( who had always been afraid that they were going to run out of money and worked non-stop ) Susan could not make ends meet, and so had to abandon the project.

Susan intended to write a sequel about the following years but she was severely injured in a fall at her house here, and was in a coma for three months in London. She never really recovered although she made really valliant attempts to have fun but was happier to talk about earlier days: her short-term memory was unreliable.

For the many of us who have known her through the years, there will never be a replacement.

Mark and Rosey have arranged a service for Susie which will be held at Golders Green Crematorium, Hoop Lane, NW11 at 2pm Thursday, 26 April 2007.

They have been asked about donations and feel that those so inclined should get in touch with the Elton John Aids Foundation ( and donate in Susie’s memory. Since Elton was one of the first to donate towards the Denholm Elliott Project, we think Susie would enjoy that sentiment. The Ibiza service is tentatively scheduled for June 9th.

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Gypsy Weavers

April 19th, 2007

We went to have our lunch at Pomello’s in Santa Eulalia, as you do, and we found some original gypsys redoing Walter & Briony’s chairs outside. Apparently the guy does a really good job sharpening their knifes and he offered to repair their wicker chairs…


We think its pretty safe to say that the weather has definitely turned – the last 2 days its been getting hotter – today we even considered getting the shorts out – and a few tourists have been spotted as well….

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a “Horses Neck”

April 14th, 2007

Another quiet night on Thursday night of debt collecting found us at the bar of that oldest of lubrication establishments in Santa Eulalia – M & M’s bar.

It was a better night for good excuses than debt collecting, but every cloud has a silver lining… And this one arrived in the form of a stranger by the name of Leslie on an adjacent bar stool.
leslie phillipsLeslie is an unusual name for a man, but that wasn’t the detail that made him familiar – instantly recognizable, despite the passage of time, this was Leslie Phillips, star of stage and screen for more decades than most of us have known – and a charming man.

He had come to M & M’s to pay homage to Susie Elliott, wife of his late partner in stage crime, Denholm Elliott. Sadly Susie died last week, but during her memorably, colourful time living in Santa Eulalia she ran M & M’s for a while. This was Leslie’s pilgrimage to quietly honour her passing.
However, he did so in inimitable style by ordering a ‘Horses Neck’, to the complete bewilderment of the bar staff.

It transpired that a ‘Horses Neck’ is a brandy with ginger ale and is a traditional tipple of the upper echelons of the Royal Navy. Ginger ale is not a regular stock item of bars in Santa Eulalia, so Toni (our Italian host) rushed off into town to try and find some.

Dee, the astute South African barmaid, fielded a couple of phone calls encouraging him to keep looking and finally, some twenty minutes later, Leslie had his ‘Horses Neck’ and the necessary fuel to regale us with stories of the island from the 60’s, when the term ‘debauchery’ was originally coined…
A charming man with a fabulous presence – we’ll bore people for years recounting the occasion when Leslie Phillips bought us a drink at M & M’s bar in Santa Eulalia.

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Smirnoff North

April 14th, 2007

north_bottle2.jpgWe ended up with a bit of bar hopping tonight around Santa Eulalia marina and locale, as someone said the Mirage was opening tonight (change of hands, more emphasis on live music etc) but they got the date wrong – no big surprise in Ibiza.

We ended up at Guarana’s to catch up with Alex (the owner) who introduced us to triple distilled Smirnoff North – we have to say that its the perfect chupito – if this isn’t drunk in vast quantities all over the island come the summer then .. er.. it will be.

The weather continues to be slightly less than conducive to going round the island taking photos and generally enjoying the scenery. The one thing you know though is that its not a good idea to complain about the weather when its like this because you know that its going to get hot and very soon – and then we’ll all be hoping for October when the temperature eases off….

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KM5 Opening Party

April 13th, 2007

That lovely bar on the road to San Jose is reopening on Friday 27th April.

Google Map:

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Ibiza Google Maps

April 12th, 2007

We’ve been very busy bunnies over Easter – We have most of the north of the island villages mapped now on our google maps and are adding more all the time: Our Ibiza Google Maps

Weve added zoom in and out on the markers, a reset map function and also a neat way of looking at larger images in the markers. The holiday rental accommodation items are also getting the same treatment. One map we do like is the Country & Agroturismo Hotels Map – since if you rely on the Google maps supplied by Paginas Amarillas you’ll see Pikes Hotel in Ibiza Town!!

This sunday we’ll be at Casita Verde testing out the 3G modem on the laptop again in conjunction with the gps device we have – hopefully!

Weather this week has been absolutely naff so thats restricted our driving round the island taking photos and the 5 day forecast is not much better….

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Earth Day @ Casita Verde

April 10th, 2007

Green HeartSunday 22nd April from 2pm, Featuring new info centre, artesan market and natural health centre, children’s theme park and lots of fun for all the family

(double click to zoom in, right double click to zoom out

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