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portdesanmiguel.jpgAn elegant restaurant on the beach, which is as far removed from the ‘chiringuito’ concept of its neighbours, as could be possible. It holds pride of place in this unusual development, that has formed around the mouth of this one time ‘torrente’ that runs into this beautiful bay.

People tend to decry this bay because of the two incongruous hotel developments upon its eastern shore, but if you cast your gaze in the other direction, or out to sea to the little island called Illa des Bosc, that always brings to mind ‘Tracey Island’ of Thunderbirds fame, it is sill stunningly attractive.

Perhaps that is why the owners of the restaurant at which we sit decided to open as early as March. It certainly appears to be a decision that has paid off – it’s a Wednesday afternoon and over fifty diners are creating a buzz that fills the enclosed terrace area with a lovely, winter, Ibicenco dialogue.

It would appear that we are sharing our experience with a majority of middle-aged local businessmen. Ladies are very much in the minority, and of the five we count two are clearly French tourists. The businessmen seem vaguely familiar, as it dawns upon us that these are other island restauranteurs and bar owners enjoying their last few civilized lunches, before the chaotic summer season ties them to their own emporium for the duration.

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All are happy and smiling, even the waiters whose summer season is clearly longer than most. No doubt proud of the produce emanating from their kitchen, they’ve got used to dealing with the place full to capacity (well over 300!), so today’s undemanding local clientele is a walk in the park compared to the imminent hordes from the ugly hotels across the bay…

So, if you choose to pay them a surprise visit with 200 friends, they’ll still have plenty of room to accommodate you, but a call beforehand might make it more likely to ensure that they have enough staff on hand to ensure that you all get fed at, more or less, the same time.
Unusually, at this time of the year, the aquarium is already fully functional with a range of different varieties of lobsters patiently waiting, alongside pink rockfish.

Similarly, the ‘Once’ man selling lottery tickets patiently waits at diner’s elbows for them to pause for breath and down tools. He’s doing a roaring trade that obviously justified the trip down the hill from Sant Miquel.

If this sounds like your type of experience, check it out between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day and till 8 p.m. on Sundays.

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