Todays BBQ

March 21st, 2007 - 3:02 am Posted in bbq, ibiza | Comments (0)

As a penance for being here a week a good friend had a bbq in my honour.. I was supposed to do a load of roast potatoes, but I wasnt actually told when my bbq was supposed to happen. I went out in the morning and ended up with a kilo or so of decent potatoes and half a kilo of spanish sausages & mince meat. about 30 mins later I’m told that the bbq is er now… ah… no roast potatoes then…

We walked out and on the way to the car immediately ran into 2 people who came to see us (& wanted a chat) – so we decamp to the bar next to us… 45 mins later off to my bbq… until we get stuck behind a jcb & then remember we left the ipod station behind… back…. an hour later after I’m supposed to be at the bbq in my honour I’m there.

We’re really impressed with what the lost mountain orchestra have plans for…. at some point shortly we’ll have the videos and I’m sure they’ll have stuff for you to hear

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